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East Side for Black Lives

June 14, 2020

BLM for ES.jpg

Following the protests and the march in South Chicago we are hosting a community action aimed to build community and learn how we can all be in solidarity with Black folx and the Black Lives Matter movement! We invite community members from all over the Southeast Side (East Side, South Chicago, South Deering & Hegewisch) to come march, talk, build and grow together.


We aim to create an inclusive space where we can all learn together as a community. We do not expect this to happen overnight and hope we are able to spark conversation and actions so that Southeast siders can not only CHANT "BLACK LIVES MATTER" but MEAN it through community actions and support.

We want to create a non-judgmental space for people of all backgrounds to come and learn from one another. However because we are learning about how we can support Black folx and the Black Lives Matters movement, any racist/anti-blackness or any form of discrimination towards people of color will not be tolerated! We want people to come to learn and join the conversation but not at the expense of continuing to hurt Black folx or people of color.



We want to provide a platform to encourage Black people affiliated with Black organizations/groups or Black Chicagoans who are particularly touched by the movement and would like to share. Sign up -here- for a slot to speak at the community action and we will follow up with details!

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