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Bike Out for Black Lives

July 5, 2020

The southeast is keeping the momentum going as we push for real policy changes to protect the lives of Black people locally, nationally, and globally.

Every other major city has seen some meaningful policy advancements that address the issues of systemic racism. Chicago has not.

This week we received two bits of bad news: CPD will remain in CPS, and General Iron's permit has been approved, allowing them to relocate by George Washington High School.

Black lives, especially the lives of the youth, do not seem to matter very much to the city based on these decisions.

And so, Sunday, July 5th, we will ride. For Black lives and the right to breathe clean air.

So that the youth of this neighborhood are no longer funneled through the school-to-prison pipeline; so that they can live long, healthy lives with clean air and clean water.

bikeout flyer.jpeg
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